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Designed with a focus on team deathmatch, Walkways was tested multiple times with a group of 6 - 8 players. It went through numerous revisions based on observation and player feedback. The final version of the map was well received by all testers. They really enjoyed playing on this map, so much so that the last 15 minute play test turned into a multi-hour frag fest that found all players highly engaged.






Designed with the gameplay and technology of Unreal Tournament 3 in mind, “Walkways” is an asymmetrical map that supports team deathmatch with equal opportunity for both teams. The tiered design and size of the level promotes long range encounters, high speed action and high mobility. While the focus of the level is on keeping a balanced environment for team play, play sessions have proven that players have found much enjoyment playing deathmatch sessions on this level as well.


Atmosphere plays an important role in this level. Visually, the level takes place on the roof of an aging industrial building. Seen in the distance are many new commercial buildings, implying that this building stands as a remnant of a forgotten time. The features of the building, the textures, and the props used, all show wear and tear from many years of hard use. Rain, fog, mist, thunder, and lightning all add dynamic character to the level, while also contributing a sense of energy that compliments the gameplay.


The level emphasizes the use of jump pads to encourage a much more exhilarating experience for the player. This is specifically evident on the third level where many of the jump pads allow players to jump over the action below, giving them many opportunities to kill opponents mid-jump, “death from above”.


“Walkways” has capacity for 2–16 players, but is ideal for 6-8 players.













Team Spawn Points

Each team has a spawn point at the opposite end of the map from the other. Both have been situated so neither team will have an advantage.


Weapon Spawn Points

Weapons spawns are evenly distributed on each level. A major focal point for the map is the center of level 1 where a rocket launcher spawn with ammo is placed. This area offers no cover, and happens to be in plain view of any players on the upper levels. As a result there is a high risk-reward element for players who attempt to go for this desirable weapon.


Jump Pads

Jump pads are located on the first, second and third levels. This allows for more frantic and exhilarating gameplay.


walkways-action01 walkways-action02



There are 2 teleports in the entire level, both linked together. These allow for travel between the third level and the room (located between levels 2 and 3 on the top left hand side).




Health Packs

Minor health pickups (vials) are scattered throughout the map, with large concentrations available near both spawn points. Regular health packs can be found near team spawn points as well as select locations on levels 2 and 3. There is one super health pack located on the third level, where some of the most intense fighting takes place.


Shields and Armour

Shields and armour can be found on levels 2 and 3. They have been positioned in such a manner that it is a challenge to gain the maximum defensive protection (by collecting all three pieces).


Jump Boots

The jump boots are located in the room. With these a player can navigate the various levels of the map far more easily. Granting the player a slight edge over the competition.




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