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This game was created in the Unity 3D game engine. It is a trading game similar to Dope Wars, but with a cyberpunk setting and aesthetic. The game is currently in the early alpha stage of development.


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The interface has been designed to have a simple and clean look to it. As the game is based in a cyberpunk world, subtle references to design aesthetics found most prominently during the 1980s are used. Within the fiction of this world, the menu is being displayed through a visual display unit embeded within the head of the player. To emphasize this, camera panning and 3D space are used to give a level of depth. 




Everything in the game was created by Stephen, with the exception of the backdrops. They are concept art pieces that were created for Deus Ex Human Revolution, whose rights belong to Square Enix. They are temporary, but were chosen as they fit thematically with the vision for the game.

Stephen Cleland

I always appreciate good feedback and constructive criticism. If you have some you'd like to provide, I'd love to hear it!

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